Sunday, 4 October 2015


ऐ जालिम क्यों इतना दर्द देता है तू ,जिंदगी से हम कुछ कम परेशान नहीं ,
   ख्वाहिश थी आशियाने की ,पर दिए तूने  याद दर्द  जी भर के  ,फिरभी
   दिल से निकले दुआ तेरे लिए ,की हम तेरे जैसे पत्थर दिल  नहीं .

Sunday, 27 September 2015


तन्हाई मैं हम रोते हैं दुनिया से छुपके ,पर आसु है के थम ता नहीं ,
 आप से मिलने की दुआ करते हैं ,लेकिन मेरी किस्मत की वो दिन कभी आता ही नहीं.....

Dil ki baat

जिन्हे पाने की चाहत थी , वो तो ना मिले ,
       बस उनके यादों में गम ही मिला मुझको.........

Shayari...Do lafzo ki

केहने  को  तो  हम आज भी आपके ख्वाब बुनते हैं ,
                  पर दिल में आपके लिए पेहेले सा प्यार कहाँ....

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Are we Safe ??!!

Well,Most discussed topic of all the time .In the era of technology and internet, everyone is  becoming fully dependant on the machinery objects .Now a days ,everything is controlled by either  machines or internet.Of course ,technologies and internet  make  our life  easygoing , it is like a blessing  for human being ,that turning our day  to day life a cake walk .But now rises  the question,are we using the this all time greatest human invention in a right way ?

Moreover are we misusing the internet more than use ?This is  kind of controversial question which has no particular answer.

Nevertheless internet is essential in our life as we are putting our step in digital world era .Use and misuse are two sides of one coin when it comes to internet usage .

As we  are growing faster ,simultaneously hackers,stalkers,cyber criminals  are also  making themselves  stronger.To protect ourselves from this virtual criminals are not so easy as our lives are now  can be accessed by one  click. Hence we should protect our selves from these hideously  malice  monsters .

Everyday suicide,murder,bully kind of  devastating things happen around the world with teenagers who put almost every second details of their lives on social sites .We have to keep our children, siblings ,younger relatives updated regarding the limit, right information to share with the world  on social networking sites,use,misuse of the internet , Most important , choose your friends wisely in virtual world , as any one  can hide  his/her real identity  and transform into a complete different person .Better late than never,one single discussion can avoid future unforgettable mishaps .

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Happiness begins with you

After a long tiring day at office ,a hectic 9 hours of work , all you need is peace of mind .Yes ,I know it's very simple thing to say  , but very  difficult to follow . Wait a moment and think about it.
In the era of digitalization,people's lives are becoming more materialistic.Everyone is busy garbing success  in life ,but forgets the real treasure is the life , that can never  going to come back if you ignore it's issues .Therefore, to lead a healthy life , start doing something that you find  peace in .Do exercise ,play outdoor games ,cook your favourite food , just explore your life.Life is much more than you are living now my friends .

Monday, 7 September 2015

Have you just passed out of  college ?Have you planned  what to do  next ?What career should you pursue  ?Will it be right decision to make your passion  as your career  ?Whoa.....lots of questions .Lots of confusions .Well let me just give you a glimpse of what your future will be.

Life is not a simple straight  path, rather full of obstacles that will lead you the way you may never wanted to choose or follow.So Now it's the perfect time to choose  your career wisely. No matter how hard it is to pursue your passion as profession ,No matter what your passion is,you know you  will give your 200% in it . And ,you will get the satisfaction in your work rather banging  your head  from 9 to 5  behind a desk.  So guys decide wisely ,as right time never comes back ..